You know what’s amazing? Rate of change.

We all feel like we live in a pretty technologically advanced world, right? We have our mobile connectivity. Our apps. Real time video. It’s pretty cool. We’ve come a long way since fax machines in the 1990s. But the thing is, in a few short years our children will be developing and using new stuff which will likely blow what we have now away. It’s easy to say “children are the future” because it’s true. But it doesn’t mean all that much when we say it. It’s like saying “oxygen is essential for life.” And yet while so many of us think we’re so smart with our technology–dude, it’s the NEXT generation, the one right on our tails, that will push ours into irrelevance. But it’s always the next generation. And the next. And the next. And one day you are dead. And then, but for a few people who you knew and passed on genes to, no one will remember you. And fifty years after you are dead, you basically didn’t even exist. Amazing. 

So have fun. Take chances. Stop worrying about stupid shit. Because none of this will last.




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Jim Mitchem

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