I do not get the attraction of a Fitbit. Maybe because I wear no jewelry. Not even a watch. Ok, I wear a wedding ring but that’s to keep women away.

Anyway, the kid has one. It cost $85. She used her babysitting money, and I paid half. She’s 14 and has a washboard stomach. Why does she need to count her steps? She plays soccer. She’s running on a field 5 days a week. She walks back and forth across a college-sized high school campus all day. But what am I going to do, complain? Here, sure. But IRL I can’t say, “I told you so,” when I see it on the dresser not counting anything after just 4 weeks–unless I’m prepared to suffer the consequences of a pissed off 14-year-old girl.

Which I’m not.


But it’s not just her, it’s a lot of people. Mostly adults. What I don’t get is why? Unless your doctor tells you you need one to monitor your blood pressure–why do you need to know how many steps you’ve taken? A bracelet can’t make you exercise. I’m not convinced it can make you even want to exercise.

I work out hard for an hour three times a week. Oh, and I also play softball once a week. That’s all I can muster in this busy life. And this much exercise is way better than it was before this year when I didn’t work out at all. I hate going to the gym. It smells bad and it hurts. Plus, each time I go it adds up to 2 hours of my precious time. No, I go because I don’t want to. And because it makes my body stronger. That’s it. That’s my motivation. And that motivation comes from within me. Not via a bracelet. I don’t don’t exercise for points or analytics. I do it to push my body into new, yet familiar, places.

Nope, I just don’t get it. Then again, I’ve never been one to follow fads or trends. When everyone had that Farrah poster, I got one of Jaclyn Smith.

Pretty sure she didn’t use a Fitbit either.





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