Today I turn 50. And whether I like it or not–it’s a big deal.

Sure, from a distance you can say how age is just a number and how time doesn’t really exist and how 50 is the new 40. Bullshit. It’s 50. And next to the day you’re born, and the day you turn 100 in a body that is withering away, 50 is the most significant birthday of your life. It’s half a century. Five decades. Old.

Let me tell you something – it goes fast. But I still don’t feel like a “grown up.” And no, that’s not just some clichéd babble–I really don’t. But I am. And believe me, I’ll milk 50 for everything it’s worth when it comes to dealing with my kids.

I’m 50. Whatever. Here’s to another couple decades of clear mind and able body.




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