This is a post about those people. You know who they are. They're the people in Social Media who pretend to be your friend, but who really aren't. Rather, they hang around long enough to suck the sincerity out of you to feed their own desire to harbor spite and resentment. 

Insincerity Rules
Sure, it could be said that because so many of us don't know each other IRL, that none of us are 'really' friends. And maybe that's what's wrong. You see, I believe that over the past year I've actually gotten to know people here. Despite it being just words and pictures and pixels and fairy dust. Just. 

I've met people, talked to people on the phone and have shared my life with people here who I may never meet in person. And for the most part, the people I pay attention to here are genuine, compassionate and good. No, I don't go looking to follow or engage people who fit into neat buckets. Nor do I look to follow people who can only benefit me commercially. I look for one thing – sincerity. To me, this equals humanity. By engaging here in Social Media, I feel like I've opened up my own life by sharing it with others. And it's good. 

For the most part. 

You see, there are snakes in this Garden of Eden too. And both you know and they know who they are. And it's uncomfortable. The people I'm talking about don't want to know that good things happen to you. They relish in seeing you fail, because that makes them feel better about themselves. It's a self esteem thing, but it's also pretty normal. Take any 100 people on the planet, put them in a room and see if they get along together. Right. Then throw a little competition into the mix, like we do when we follow or surround ourselves with like minded people here, and you've got Survivor via Social Media. Turn 100 into 2000, and the insincerity quotient increases proportionately. 

It's a fact – people aren't always going to like you. Even when they follow you. Some only follow for political reasons (because it would be socially awkward not to.) Other people only follow you because you're just a number and it's not a 'real' relationship anyway. And still others only follow you to (gasp!) steal your ideas. So what do you do? Unfollow them? Block them? Accept that things aren't going to be perfect? What? 

Jim is a father, husband, copywriter and founder of smashcommunications.  You can find him on Twitter @smashadv

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