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When I first joined Twitter in the fall of 2008, my handle was @smashadv and my profile picture had me holding an orange in front of my face. It was a throw away shot from a photoshoot for a campaign I was working on. The image worked for me in the social spaces since I was only testing the waters and didn’t want to reveal too much about myself. I was playing it safe and all. Sometime in the summer…

Because of noise, I decided to unfollow people on Twitter. But it was bad karma. So I created @jmitchem instead, and am using that account to start again. It’s pretty stupid.

Too many people I’ve followed since ‘08 are deadwood – taking up valuable space in my brain via my eyes without offering me any value whatsoever. It’s time to prune the deadwood.

Is it real?

The following is a (long) transcript from an online conversation I had with a group of writers who belong to a national organization. They asked if I could help them understand social media to better use it for self-promotion and to grow audiences.

This post is dedicated to everyone who has ever thanked anyone for an RT (retweet.) I used to do it, but don’t anymore. Here’s why – 1) Clutter. I talk enough here for most streams. 2) I don’t understand why people thank others for passing along information. I’m a fairly nice guy. So part of me wants to follow the general rules of etiquette and do the polite thing. After all, I’m a writer. It’s my nature to reciprocate (see…