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Is it ok to publish tweets in a print publication without the courtesy of telling the original source?

Think about this – you actually pay to be loyal. Brands wish they could pay you to be loyal, but they can’t. Except when they hire you. Loyalty is a conundrum. This post doesn’t do much to help.

I recently experienced the thrill of driving a high-performance BMW in a controlled environment. This is my story of survival.

Name our restaurant, win $500.

Authenticity = credibility. Credibility = loyalty. Loyalty = influence. And influence is what drives social media. It’s not exactly brain surgery, people.

Guest post by Callum SaundersOnce upon a time, there was a small classroom in a local school.  The teacher used to come in every day, ordered his pupils to sit down and began talking at them, using methods he had crafted over many years.  The children were docile – they didn't know any different.  One pupil put his hand up to ask a question.  The teacher told him to be quiet.  The boy was. Then Social Media came along.  The…