Author: Jim Mitchem

Being a writer is not nearly as sexy as it sounds. Especially with an imagination that can lead you into some very dark places.

Twenty-five. It’s a big number in a person’s life. And when you’ve been married that long, well, it’s pretty cool.

In December 2021, I was diagnosed with cancer that would have killed me in 2022. The only reason they discovered it was softball.

I love the movies. All my life I’ve lived for the smell of a movie theater and sitting in the dark while someone tells me a story for two hours. That said, I almost never agree with the Oscars picks for best picture. So each year I give my rundown on the Best Picture and am usually wrong but I don’t care. I like what I like. And you’ll probably enjoy what I like too.  Best Picture Nominees Belfast –…

I recently met Burt Reynolds at coffee shop where he gave me some sage advice about my upcoming cancer battle.

In December I was diagnosed with cancer. Remarkably, I’ve had no fear. Except for this one thing. And it’s not what you think.