On Sunday we returned from a great vacation in Belize. I’ll publish a post about it at some point, but let’s just say that we loved it enough to consider moving there. But, because we’re perfectly comfortable here in America, the more time that accrues between our trip and our real lives here, the less we’ll think about a move. Yesterday I took my wife and daughters to lunch. At one point I was talking about how everywhere in Belize there were thatched roofs, and I looked up at the television across the dining room to see the image of turquoise water and an island with the words ‘buybelize.com’ superimposed across the screen. It only lasted a second, and the screen went back to CNN. I looked over at my wife who saw it too. I got chill bumps. A few minutes later as we were leaving the restaurant, which is known for playing famous classic rock tunes, they were playing a reggae song I’d never heard before. My wife asked me to Shazam it, and it turned out to be a guy named Gregory Isaacs, and the song was called ‘Material Man.’ In Belize there is no escaping reggae. Again, chills. Last night we decided to eat out at a neighborhood burger joint where there are TV monitors in every booth. I never liked that concept, as I prefer talking to the people I’m eating with rather than watching television. Anyway, on the monitor was a Gold Cup soccer match. A match between Cuba and, wait for it…Belize. I went to bed last night with chills.

I’ve felt like I’ve been at a crossroads in life for a few months now. That’s why every day I try to keep my eyes open for direction. I’ve been through this before. In fact, over the past 22 years since I turned my will over to God (as I understand Him), His direction has helped guide me to where I am today. Usually through a series of signs. These signs are how I met my wife, how I found my career, and how we ended up in Charlotte (among other things.) But lately, I’ve been patiently waiting at my crossroads looking for a sign. Ok, sometimes not so patiently. But that’s faith, isn’t it? Anyway, over the past 22 years I’ve read a daily inspiration from a book called “A Day at a Time” that I picked up early on in AA, and that I use as a way to get my brain straight in the morning. Some days it helps set a tone, some days it’s just me reading words. The picture below is today’s passage. I’ve read this same page for 22 years on July 18, but today it struck a chord.



Jim Mitchem 

Walking Off the Island
Finding Neverland: A Story of Belize

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