Ok, here's the deal, Boxman Studios is opening a mobile restaurant and if you live in Charlotte, we want you to name it. And we'll pay you $500 for your genius. Why Charlotte? Because we're not opening this restaurant in Milwaukee, Phoenix or Boston. Not yet, anyway. So for this contest, we're sticking local. For a little more background on what we're trying to do, click here


The Brief

Brand – Visit the Boxman website and get to know the brand a little. Then, make sure the name fits the brand. Remember, you're not naming a software company. It's a mobile restaurant that's not on wheels. 

Audience – For now, the restaurant will cater to an urban, business, lunchtime crowd around Uptown Charlotte. 

Primary Offering – Casual, walk-up dining from an organic menu featuring gourmet paninis, wraps, salads and more. 

Secondary Offering – Mobile. It's a restaurant that comes to its customers (and it's not a truck).

Snapshot – It's a mobile restaurant that moves from place to place each day of the week and features a menu created by a Cordon Bleu (Paris) trained chef using locally grown organic produce. And while it will focus on lunchtime business crowds, the restaurant is not limited to lunches or business crowds (important to consider when naming). 


The Rules

1) You may only enter one name at a time, but may submit up to three names.*

2) Include the restaurant name and one sentence as to why the name works, plus your name. And please, no manifestos. We understand this naming stuff already, if your name needs more than a sentence to explain, it's probably not going to work anyway.

3) Follow @boxmanstudios on Twitter and become a fan of the soon-to-be-named restaurant on Facebook

4) Email your submission to by midnight on Thursday, March 18, 2010. 


The Really Important Stuff

The person who submits the selected name receives $500.**

Winning entry announced Wednesday, March 24, 2010. 

If you try to cheat, you'll be caught. If you don't live in Charlotte, don't bother. In fact, let's say if you live more than 30 miles away from Trade and Tryon, you don't qualify (though if you're really close to that, just email us and beg). 

Don't just blurt out your proposed (legit) name on Twitter or Facebook. You won't win that way even if it's great. Email only. 

Yes, we could have made a donation to a charity instead of paying someone, but if you win, and you want to donate to charity – you're more than welcome. The reason we're doing this is simple – we're launching a pretty cool restaurant concept, and are banking on the community we develop in social media to help us.Thank you so much for your help. Good luck, and may the best name win. 


*All submissions will be read and judged by Boxman associates. Should the winning name be submitted more than once, we will  rely on date/time stamps on email to determine the winner.

**Payment to occur within 10 days of the name selection. Winner agrees to be featured in a post on the upcoming Boxman blog. 

Jim Mitchem is a father, husband, writer and founder of smashcommunications. He's currently manning @boxmanstudios and you can also find him on Twitter @smashadv

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