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September 2011 I’m not one of those dads who denies the advancement of technology. Especially when it comes to technology that accesses the Internet. In fact, I’m just the opposite. As a result, our daughters enjoy a range of devices that access various parts of the Internet. Granted, their macbook is armed to the teeth with restrictions in terms of how long they use the device, at what times, what kinds of sites they can access, what kind of content…

Like it or not, we’ve all emerged at this very specific point in time to share the rock. When it’s over, our time together will amount to a spec of dust on the timeline of history – but we’re here. Together. Sharing the air, the water and emerging technology. It’s kind of cool how we are all pioneers in this, the age of connectivity. And yet, we’re as different in how we use the media, as we are different in…

Most brands have a long way to go in the trust department for them to show any ROI in Social Media. After all, blasting links to coupons is basically treating this medium like traditional advertising. Trust takes time here.

Traditional media isn’t irrelevant. It’s just growing increasingly less relevant – proportionate to digital (social media) growth.

Before you invest in a relationship with a social media guru, you might want to engage them in conversation first.

Psychology is the science of advertising. Mathematics is the science of marketing.