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In the world of advertising, young people dominate. But how can you know whether they will connect with different target audiences?

The UN sent a global call to creatives to develop messaging in the battle against COVID-19. My friend Sid and I decided to take it on. Here’s what we did.

Can you still be a copywriter if you don’t write a Super Bowl ad?

Audacious ideas are different. Daring. Bu when South Dakota launched its anti-meth campaign, mocking ensued.

What Jim does for a living does not look like what you do for a living. Not even close.

Once upon a time, a group of wealthy men decided to join forces to ensure that their wealth and power would never diminish. They needed a way to control the people who lived below them so that they needn’t worry about revolution.  But their home nation was long ago designated for free people, and free people have desires of their own. And to the wealthy men, any desire by the masses to glean power, and wealth, would lessen their own…