AT&T mobile is like a swimming pool in May, and its 3G coverage like little warm spots that come and go.

Before you go any further, I don’t mean piss. But I see your point. What I mean are those floating oases of relief from the chill that you can’t predict or count on. That said, I just I just re-upped with the carrier through 2012 as part of my successful preorder of iPhone4.  I pick it up June 24, and I’m stoked.

We like Disney World. I was born in Florida and have visited the parks hundreds of times. I took my wife on her first trip there. Now our kids go. Is Disney a form of escapism for me? Probably.  But that’s not my point. My point is that we continue to return because of our experiences It’s consistently great.  Consistently great  experiences = brand loyalty. There’s a reason why they’re the number one tourist attraction on earth.

Back to AT&T. This isn’t about AT&T.  It’s about Apple.  I bought my first Apple product in November 2008.  An iMac. Until then, I’d always used PCs and had a Blackberry. Within a month of using the computer, I was Kylie the opossum in Fantastic Mr. Fox –

My PCs all went away.

Last summer, I bought an iPhone 3GS. Two, actually – one for my wife. It’s the most amazing communications device I’ve ever seen. The synchronization across computers and phones is something that I could only dream about with the blackberry-PC hookup. Sure, we sometimes have a difficult time actually using the telephone part, but the positive aspects far outweigh the negatives. There’s a reason the iPhone4 sold out the other day.

A trip to Walt Disney World is worth the 10-hour drive, like the iPhone is worth AT&T.  


Jim Mitchem/@smashadv

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