Today, Burger King put the creepy King on the guillotine. And you cheered. You didn’t like creepy King. You said he was soulless. Plasticky. But that is precisely why I loved him. The best thing about creepy King was that he was consistent. Something that consistent can be placed into any scenario and be made to work. Of course in CP+B‘s case, they also relied on really smart writers and designers, casted and directed perfectly and had enough swagger to make something as weird as this work.

I don’t eat fast food, but if I did, I’d eat Burger King because of creepy King. Whenever he was on screen, I turned to see how they decided to have fun with him this time. Wake up with the King? King Kong? Are you kidding me?

Unlike you, I never felt threatened by creepy King. Which I guess means I’m comfortable in my own creepiness. Besides, we’ve been dealing with Ronald McDonald our whole lives.

In my mind, Burger King’s tagline will always be “Have It Your Way.” Creepy King’s consistent smile reinforced this eternal promise. Spots like Reverse Pickpocket drove it home.

Farewell, King. I’ll miss you.


Jim Mitchem ‘Tall. Lot’s of bling.’

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