It’s easy to surround yourself with people who look and think and worship (or not) and vote like you do. It’s simple. Convenient. Easy.

It’s also easy to view people who *aren’t* like you, who live outside of your insulated world, as different and wrong and bad and dumb. Even evil.

I was raised in a conservative family in the Deep South. To this day, with the exception of a couple nieces, they’re all republican voters and politically conservative. And that will never change.

I married a democrat from NJ and, thanks to going to college to learn how to think differently and deconstruct and accept alternative viewpoints, I became a fiercely unaffiliated independent voter who definitely skews liberal. That doesn’t mean I’m liberal. Or democrat. Or want to steal from the rich. But I do believe in the idea of SOCIETY, and don’t believe our current system is equitable so that all of us have the same opportunities. I also believe that we’re being fleeced by very powerful forces who control the narrative to drive a stake between us Americans. To keep us distracted from the truth.

I DO NOT THINK ONE POLITICAL SIDE HAS ALL THE ANSWERS. I ALSO DO NOT HATE CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS. I love you. Because I know you. And I also know that this republic is STRONGER with a balanced approach to managing it to the benefit of the majority, not the very, very few (of which none of us belong).

That said, I loathe Donald Trump. And it has absolutely nothing to do with his professed political affiliation. I hope we can get past him. He’s not a republican. He’s a carnival barker. His priority isn’t America. It’s Donald Trump. We can, and need, to do better.




All Hail the King

Jim Mitchem

Writer. Father to daughters. Husband. Ad man. Raised by wolves. @jmitchem on twitter. First novel, Minor King, out now.