I was eating supper with my daughter, Allie. We were discussing the
future of advertising. Believe me, everything else I might have been
discussing with a seventeen-year-old was off limits.

Me: “I think you have to look to YouTube for the future of TV commercials.”

“But really mom, who would go to YouTube to watch a commercial. I can’t
imagine anyone would go seek out, say, a Honda commercial voluntarily.”

Me: “Hah! How about a commercial for a $375 blender?”

Allie: (shakes her head)

“A guy blended an iphone – an iphone – and got 6 million people to
watch it on YouTube. It turned into smoke. It was pretty cool.”

Allie: “I want to see that.”

Me: “Precisely.”

who has ever tried to get the last word with a 17-year-old knows how
hard that is. About as hard as getting 6 million people to *want* to
watch your commercial.

Lisa Hickey Lisa Hickey is a "slightly insane creative thinker and writer. Designer and strategist. Global conversationalist." As well as a valued friend and colleague. You can follow her conversation on Twitter @lisahickey and visit her blog The Hurricane Inside My Brain.

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