First, let me say right off the top that you were right. All of my art director and graphic designer friends over the years who swore by Mac – you were absolutely dead-on. And for all these years I just thought your obsession with Mac was part of your penchant for the dramatic. Or, just an 'artsy' thing. I scoffed at you when you weren't looking. I was perfectly happy with my PC running on any number of OS from MS. Which is to say I never knew how inefficient PCs were until I purchased my first iMac in November. Now I'm speedily trying to migrate everything I own over to the world of Mac. Including my phone.
Hang me out to dry
Last Friday I purchased my first iPhone. I also bought a case for it. But after using the device all weekend (and loving it), it was painfully clear that I needed an 'extended battery' case. So today I went back to the Apple store hoping they'd just exchange the one directly off of my phone, since I was upgrading anyway. I had the receipt. "Oh, you don't have the packaging, sir? I'm afraid that's one rule I just can't break. And I can break a lot of them, but just not that one." I didn't argue. But for $30, this was far from over.

Back home, I fished through a couple of plastic bags of garbage that had piled up since Friday. I finally found the case's carton in a bag that also contained some pork that had long gone bad and was in the process of decomposing with the help of about a million maggots from what I could tell. And if you think it's gross to hear – you should have been there. But I was determined. If the employee at the Apple store said he needed packaging, packaging is what he was going to get. Thirty bucks is $30.

I retrieved the case, placed it in a fresh bucket of warm soapy water, let it soak for a while, rinsed it off and hung the pieces up to dry. The photo above was taken with the brilliant iPhone. And yes, I actually had four clothespins – though have no idea why.

I'm taking the case and the carton back on Friday when I have to make another trip to the Apple store. In a Ziplock® freezer bag. Along with one of those pine tree car fragrance things. Because Apple doesn't know who they're messing with. I'm a PC guy from way back. I'm getting my $30. Count on it.

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